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The following is a list of all the mobile stations heard on RF in the past 60 minutes.

'+' or '-' before a callsign means that it it is a UI-View station
*' after a callsign means that it was heard via a digi

There are 4 callsigns in the list, click a callsign to get an information page for that station

Callsign Symbol Location Km Bearing Last heard
 VE1BBB*Home45.48.74N 064.12.73W60.4124Jan 16 20:46
 VE1LJ-9*Jeep45.49.08N 066.27.66W128.9256Jan 16 21:37
 VE1RIK*Home44.57.94N 064.50.70W128.2180Jan 16 20:45
 VE9GM-2*Digi46.49.65N 066.10.17W128.0308Jan 16 21:37

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