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VE9PO-9 Car

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Raw Data VE9PO-9

Location: 45.51.23N, 066.27.64W

The bearing from VE9SC-10 to VE9PO-9 is 257 degrees.

The distance from VE9SC-10 to VE9PO-9 is 127.8 Km

Course 87 degrees, speed 20.7 mph / 33.3 kmh

Status: En Route

Last heard: 22 seconds ago

Last posit: 10:10:01R VE9PO-9>TU5Q2S,VE9GFI-2*,WIDE1*,VE9WRC*,WIDE2* Port=1 : `^7\mps>/`"3y}145.390MHz T103 -060_%

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