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Raw Data VE1BBB

Location: 45.48.73N, 064.12.73W

The bearing from VE9SC-10 to VE1BBB is 124 degrees.

The distance from VE9SC-10 to VE1BBB is 60.4 Km

Course 8 degrees, speed 0.0 mph / 0.0 kmh

Status: In Service

Last heard: 12 minutes 15 seconds ago

Last posit: 05:44:16R VE1BBB>T5TX7S,VE1BHS*,WIDE1*,VE9WRC*,WIDE2* Port=1 : `\(el $-/`"4-}Ron/ VE1BBB Monitor 145.350 FM/ System Fusion 146.775 ._%

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